But throughGOD'S flights to Hong Kongwonderful providence! it either fell out of his hand, or else he threw it down, and at thistime the Almighty GOD gave me strength enough to take one man in one hand, and throw at theother's head: and looking about again to see anything to strike them withal, but seeing nothing, Isaid, 'LORD! what shall I do now?' And then it pleased GOD to put me in mind of my knife in mypocket. And although two of the men had hold of my right arm, yet GOD Almighty strengthenedme so that I put my right hand into my right pocket, drew out the knife and sheath marketing hk . . . put itbetween my legs and drew it out, and then cut the man's throat with it that had his back to mybreast: and he immediately dropt down, and scarce ever stirred after."--I have slightly abridgedLyde's narrative.

There is an immense literature relating to answers to petitional prayer. The evangelical journalsare filled with such answers, and books are devoted to the subject,[316] but for us Muller's casewill suffice.

[316] As, for instance, In Answer to Prayer, and others, London, 1898;Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer, Harrisburg, Pa., 1898 (?); H. L. Hastings:

The Guiding Hand, or Providential Direction, illustrated by Authentic Instances, Boston, 1898(?).

A less sturdy beggar-like fashion of leading the prayerful life is followed by innumerable otherChristians. Persistence in leaning on the Almighty for support and guidance will, such persons say,bring with it proofs, palpable but much more subtle, of his presence and active influence. Thefollowing description of a "led" life, by a German writer whom I have already quoted, would nodoubt appear to countless Christians in every country as if transcribed from their own personalexperience. One finds in this guided sort of life, says Dr.