have seen thatsomething was greatly amiss. Scarlett did not want to see Mammy or anyone else. She did not feelthat she could endure seeing anyone or talking to anyone again IP Networking. She had no feeling of shame ordisappointment or bitterness now, only a weakness of the knees and a great emptiness of heart. Shesqueezed the clay so tightly it ran out from her clenched fist and she said over and over, parrot-like: “I’ve still got this. Yes, I’ve still got this.”
There was nothing else she did have, nothing but this red land, this land she had been willing tothrow away like a torn handkerchief only a few minutes before, Now, it was dear to her again and she wondered dully what madness had possessed her to hold it so lightly. Had Ashley yielded, shecould have gone away with him and left family and friends without a backward look but, even inher emptiness, she knew it would have torn her heart to leave these dear red hills and long washedgullies and gaunt black pines. Her thoughts would have turned back to them hungrily until the dayshe died. Not even Ashley could have filled the empty spaces in her heart where Tara. had beenuprooted. How wise Ashley was and how well he knew her! He had only to press the damp earthinto her hand to bring her to her senses.
She was in the hall preparing to close the door when she heard the sound of horse’s hooves andturned to look down the driveway. To have visitors at this of all times was too much. She’d hurryto her room and plead a headache.
But when the , her flight was checked by her amazement. It was a newcarriage, shiny with varnish, and “the harness was new too, with bits of polished brass here andthere. Strangers, certainly registering a company in hong kong. No one she knew had the money for such a grand new turn-out as this.
She stood in the doorway watching, the cold draft blowing her skirts about her damp ankles.
Then the carriage stopped in front of the house and Jonas Wilkerson alighted. Scarlett was sosurprised at the sight of their former overseer driving so fine a rig and in so splendid a greatcoatshe could not for a moment believe her eyes. Will had told her he looked quite prosperous since hegot his new job with the Freedmen’s Bureau. Made a lot of money, Will said, swindling the niggersor the government, one or tuther, or confiscating folks’ cotton and swearing it was Confederategovernment cotton. Certainly he never came by all that money honestly in these hard times.
And here he was now, stepping out of an elegant carriage and handing down dermes vs Medilase a woman dressedwithin an inch of her life. Scarlett saw in a glance that the dress was bright in color to the point ofvulgarity but nevertheless her eyes went over the outfit hungrily.