It also helps to lean on one another. We can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the attacksare not personal. We can joke, as Marlo Thomas did, that “a man has to be Joe McCarthy Полезная информация о Гонконгеin order tobe called ruthless. All a woman needs to do is put you on hold.” Real change will come whenpowerful women are less of an exception. It is easy to dislike senior women because there are so few.

If women held 50 percent of the top jobs, it would just not be possible to dislike that many people.

Sharon Meers was motivated to write Getting to 50/50 after observing this kind of tipping pointfirsthand. In the late 1990s, Amy Goodfriend was chosen to lead Goldman Sachs’s U.S. derivativesteam (and later became the first female partner in the Equities Division). It was a seismic event andcaused four senior men to quit the group. Amy faced a lot of skepticism and criticism. Before Sharonjoined the team, a male friend told her, “Amy’s a bitch, but an honest bitch.” Sharon Hong Kong incentivesfound that Amywas a great boss, and over the next few years, the derivatives group was transformed under herleadership. Once there were more than five female managing directors in the division—a criticalmass—the negativity and grumbling began to die down. It became normal to have female leaders, andby 2000, the stigma seemed to have dissipated. Sadly, when those senior women later left and, the faith that women could be as successful as their male peers shrank with it.

Everyone needs to get more comfortable with female leaders—including female leaders themselves.

Since 1999, editor Pattie Sellers of Fortune magazine has overseen an annual conference that she callsthe Most Powerful Women Summit. On my first night there in 2005, I was in the lounge with twoclose friends, Diana Farrell, then head of the McKinsey Global Institute, and Sue Decker, then CFO ofYahoo. We were talking about the name of the conference, and I mentioned that when I saw the titleon Google’s corporate calendar, I ran to find Camille to ask her to change the Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong name to “FortuneWomen’s Conference.” Diana and Sue laughed and said that they had done the exact same thing.